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BANDI partners with First Sign wearable tech for personal security

Posted on March 10 2015

We've all been there.... Out for a run or walk when you suddenly find yourself feeling vulnerable and uneasy for some reason. Perhaps you realize that you are farther from home than you initially intended to go when you went out. Or maybe the lovely park or wooded area you were running through suddenly became very quiet and you realized there is no one else around. Or maybe you suddenly have the strange feeling you are being watched and followed.  It’s important to listen to your gut and to take care to avoid unnecessary risks. Use common sense when you choose your route.

BANDI pocketed headbands work great with First Sign Mace Wear Pod


It's a good idea for women to learn some basic self defense techniques, but it's no guarantee. Carrying a phone and pepper spray might help put your mind at ease, but there are still those moments where your heart beats a little faster, you pick up the pace, and you just don't feel totally safe. 

There is something more you can do to have peace of mind and enjoy your trek safely. First Sign is a new, wearable, personal security system that can automatically detect many violent crimes, deter an attacker, collect evidence, and alert first responders. The system is comprised of a small, discreet, wearable technology device paired with a digital application that is installed on your smartphone.



The Mace Wear Pod device by First Sign fits perfectly inside our BANDI pocketed headbands and is invisible to others once it's in there.

NO MORE week is March 8-14 and is a national effort to spread awareness for prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault. This is a great time to think about ways you can improve your personal security and safety measures. 

To help spread the word for this important initiative, BANDI has partnered with First Sign, makers of the wearable Mace Wear Pod and digital application platform.

See below for more details and a very special offer with coupon code so you can feel more protected. And PLEASE, share this with the women in your life! It could make a difference more than you know.

To learn more about No More Week, visit 


Stay safe out there!

Bev and Beth


First Sign Automatic Personal Security System NO MORE Special Offer
Get your Mace Wear Pod automatic personal security system by First Sign by visiting their website:
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