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Air Force Marathon - Fundraising Dollars

Air Force Marathon - Fundraising Dollars

September 12, 2017

Fundraising is Fun!
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You don’t HAVE to run, you GET to run.

April 27, 2015

Whether you get out of bed every morning to make your children breakfast, to go to work or to take a jog you’re doing one important thing: getting out of bed.

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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Go Run!

April 21, 2015

We’ve all been there – the running procrastination trap. “Just one scroll through Facebook, then I’ll go on a run. Just 10 more Morning Runsminutes of sleep, then I’ll go on a run.
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What We're Listening To: Podcasts

December 15, 2014

Tired of your music playlist and want to change things up a bit?

Podcasts started to make a comeback in 2014 and here is the short list here of the podcasts we are listening to. 

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