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Midnight Pocketed Wrap

* If you prefer a belt style with an adjustable buckle, click HERE to see our Large Pocket Belts.

NOTE: Please double check you have selected the right size for you.


Medical Devices ~ Phones ~ Running ~ Travel ~ Walking ~ Hiking ~ Biking ~ Gym ~ Concerts ~ Sporting Events ~ Theme Parks

Celestial Pocketed Wrap model


Pockets all the way around


The Pocketed Wrap comes in 6 sizes (XS - XXL) and size range fits  27” to 52”.

The fit measurement is where you prefer to wear on your body.

We recommend the low waist but as long as you use the measurement of the place on your body where you want to wear it, you should be good.  If you fall between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

The wrap has 4 pockets.  2 in front and 2 in back.

The size of the pocket varies based on the fit size selected.  ie: the pocket in the small Wrap is going to be smaller than the pocket on the large Wrap.  You can fit, phone, passport, keys, a slim wallet, small medical device.

Our wrap pocket belt will fit about any size phone.  

Our Pocketed Wraps have 4 pockets.  2 in front, 2 in back.

The size of the pocket depends on the size of the belt.  A larger size belt will have larger pockets.  All pockets are 3.5” in the height.