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What BANDI is right for your needs?

At BANDI Wear, we want to help you find a solution to stashing your stuff.  Our belts have three zipper-free pockets:  two flat padded pockets across the front, and one small pocket on the side.  Headbands have one small pocket at the back.  Click on the appropriate category below for more details and to see all the fun colors available.

Our Best Seller

(PHONE - iPhone 4/5/6, Galaxy S3/4/5,
or similar, license, credit cards, keys, money)

For Larger Items

(LARGE PHONE - iPhone 6 Plus,
Galaxy Note or similar, passports, medical devices)

For Stashing 
Really Small Stuff

(keys, bills, small stuff)

Need a Few More

inches on any belt?



Want to 

Buy A Gift



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