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4 Simple Statements to Always Tell Your Girl.

October 03, 2014

A few days back, we stumbled upon the new Always #LikeaGirl campaign video that was making its way around the web. Curious, we stopped what we were doing, gathered the team and watched together.

We found ourselves whispering, “Oh my gosh. This is amazing… How true… How heartbreaking.”

If you haven’t watched it, take a moment and watchnow. Trust us, it’s worth the three minutes.

We asked ourselves, what are the four things our parents said to us to help us become the strong women we are and what have we shared with the young women in our lives.

“Everything is going to be okay.”

As a girl, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in what society deems important. Reassure her that regardless of what the world throws, she is strong enough to handle anything!

“Follow your dreams.”

Dreams are what make life sweet. Young girls can be anything they want in life, a chemical engineer, an entrepreneur, a mother. Allow their imagination to unfold and watch as beautiful thoughts emerge.

“You are special.”

To children, a mother never lies and when a mother tells their child that they are special they believe it, spread their wings, and take chances.

“Quality trumps quantity.”

Just because Sally finishes first doesn’t mean she’s the smartest. Just because Rachel has 30 friends doesn’t mean she’s more loved.  Shift her thinking and help her see that slowing down, and focusing on doing your best work, and connecting with quality individuals (even if it’s only five) can lead to a super sweet life.

“I love you.”

Simple, truthful and to the point. Kids need this more than anything else in the world. To know they are loved. Say it everyday, every hour, and every minute you are together. You’ll never regret it and they’ll never forget they are loved.

What would you add to our list to encourage your girls?

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