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May 17, 2018

A new Swedish fitness trend is hitting the streets of Cincinnati.

The BANDI Wear Team

Sadly, no matter where you are running there's a very high chance you’ll pass by old plastic bottles, wrappers or other garbage. These recyclable items need some extra help finding their way to the right facilities and out of our parks, rivers and streets.

BANDI joggers recently learned about the new Swedish trend, called PLOGGING, and have been giving it a try. PLOGGING= Picking up trash/recyclables + Jogging

At BANDI, sometimes we take breaks from our chair work in the office to walk the dogs, ride around the block, or take a quick jog to the market.  When you love the planet, you’ll do about anything to keep it clean. 

BANDI Co-creator and Owner Beth found out about PLOGGING recently and has been bring this trash back to the office!


We regularly recycle all our plastic, paper, and cardboard, so this is just one more step and loving our planet.


PLOGGING goes further than just picking up recyclables. Trash items such as cigarettes, straws and Styrofoam find their way into our ecosystems. To help protect the wildlife, we all need to work together and gather any materials that aren’t meant to be there

In Cincinnati,  The Cincinnati Recycling Program accepts the following materials. 

So strap on your BANDI, throw your necessities into its pockets, and take a walk, jog or stroll around your town. Share what you find using  #PLOGGING to help spread the word!


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