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July 29, 2019

Factories on the Rebound

The BANDI Wear Team 

The first factory in the United States  opened in 1790. Samuel Slater, a cotton spinner's apprentice who left England the year before with the secrets of textile machinery, built a factory from memory to produce spindles of yarn. 

Throughout the years, the U.S. dominated the manufacturing industry. That all stopped in 2001 when 42,400 closed due to lower cost alternatives in production and employment overseas.

The impact of closing a factory spans much further than their front door. Every individual part of the supply chain is damaged. Long-time employees became jobless. Smaller companies who relied on the factory to make their goods became devastated. 

Thankfully, around 2010 production started moving back to the States. Companies learned that transportation costs were lower, turnaround time was faster, and labor costs weren't that much more expensive back in the U.S. 

Jobs were created  and businesses like BANDI, needed textile manufacturing facilities to support their growth. 

Fast forward to present  and BANDI works with 2 factories in KY who support American Made Products and jobs. We are so grateful to have our factories in the US and we are proud to create jobs for hard working americans.

Earlier this month, we learned that someone had named July as National Contract Sewing month!  Created by CustomFab USA in celebration of  all things manufactured with a needle and thread. This month is dedicated to seamstresses, machine operators, designers, mechanics, and operators. It’s also in honor of the engineers, quality assurance specialists, sourcing managers, and the cut and sew geniuses who make up “the fabric” of our industry.

We would not be where we are today without the dedicated employees of our factories. Thank you for your hard work and dedication each and every day. 



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