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April 20, 2018

You’ve just been to your annual physical and your “A1C is elevated” or your “blood glucose levels are high” and the doctors says you have “Pre-Diabetes.” These are all new words and they seem pretty scary.  Maybe it happened to you, maybe it was someone you love, but either way, here are a few things I have learned:

  1. Think {DIET and] EXERCISE
  2. Get Your Body Moving! I’m not a seasoned athlete!  BUT, I’ve been told that losing just 10 pounds can help lower my blood sugar levels.  I don’t feel inclined to run a marathon or join an expensive gym!  But I can get started with something simple. I put on my BANDI; get a good podcast, a book on tape, or a music playlist and GO FOR A WALK right in my neighborhood. I try to create a routine and make time 5 days a week to walk for 30 minutes or more.  Sometimes I park further away at the grocery store, or take the stairs rather than the elevator to burn calories. i can always increase my level of activity later.
  3. Build your Muscle Mass! Muscle is one of the major insulin sensitive tissues in the body. I learned of my “pre-diabetic” situation just after turning 55, after a back injury that slowed me down, when I was losing muscle strength from less activity.  There is a relationship between muscle mass and insulin resistance that is beyond me to explain, but I do understand that if I use some hand weights when I walk or watch TV, or do more yoga, I can begin to rebuild muscles and protect my body against insulin resistance and improve my metabolism.
BANDI Wear for Pre-diabetes Weight Loss

    NEXT UP:  What I know about Pre-Diabetes #2:  Think DIET [and Exercise]

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