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Confetti Headband

Sleek Pocketed Headbands

  • Soft spandex knit fabric available in a variety of prints and solids
  • 1.5” x 3.5” pocket size and located under the label
  • Fabric stretches for a comfortable fit
  • Can be worn folded (narrow) or open (wide)
  • Made it USA!

Please note: print placement may vary.  Your product may not look exactly as pictured.


Please see our size chart for sizing information. If you fall between sizes you may want to consider sizing down. The skirts have fairly flexible sizing and a slightly snugger fit around waist might be more comfortable especially if you carry your phone in the pocket.

size chart

Our Pocketed Skirt has quite large pockets.   Pocket dimensions are:  8" x 4".  All phones will fit but please note, the waistband of our skirts is a stretchy, rather loose and comfortable so weight of your phone might be an issue if you have a large heavy phone.

The BANDI Skirt pockets are roomy and will easily hold a phone, slim wallet, sunglasses (not in case), keys, travel documents, medical devices etc.

2 pockets. One on the outside which falls on right hip and another inside pocket which falls on the left hip.

Yes! The only difference is the skirt length.

We recommend machine wash in cool water on delicate cycle and hang or lay flat to dry. Do NOT use bleach.  Do NOT iron. 

We can confidently say, “no, the belts will not ride up” as that is our experience after extensive testing and many positive customer comments and feedback. We do have a generous return policy in the event that it doesn’t work for you. 

Running, walking the dog, a stroll on the beach, a cruise and other vacation and travel activities, hiking, biking, attending concerts, sporting events, tail-gating, kids soccer games, swim meets,  night-clubbing, shopping, horse-back riding, golfing, gardening, amusement parks – basically a great alternative to lugging a purse around! 

YES!  Part of the beauty of not having a zipper besides the fact that it makes the design sleek and soft, you can easily use your earbuds without having to fuss with a little hole to feed the cord through.  The BANDI phone pocket is designed to carry your phone, with earbuds attached.  No need to feed the cord through a hole.  The cord follows the fold and it is easy to put your phone in and take it out.