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Rainforest Headband

Sleek Pocketed Headbands

  • Soft spandex knit fabric available in a variety of prints and solids
  • 1.5” x 3.5” pocket size and located under the label
  • Fabric stretches for a comfortable fit
  • Can be worn folded (narrow) or open (wide)
  • Made it USA!

Please note: print placement may vary.  Your product may not look exactly as pictured.


Our headbands are all the same size and have stretch to accommodate different size heads. The circumference of the unstretched band is 17.75 inches and will stretch to around 23 inches. Our Strata fabric headbands are slightly stretchier.

Our headbands work well for most people but it might come down to the shape of your head and how you wear them.  This style of headband is meant to be worn open wide and a bit lower on the forehead, and when worn this way, most people have success.  Whether you can wear them folded and on top of your head might have more to do with the shape of your head and they type of hair you have.

Our headbands have a small pocket under the label which you wear in the back.  The pocket  will comfortably fit small items like a key or two, coins, cash, tissues, or dog treats!  We have seen a few gals actually put their insulin pump in the pocket and wear the headband around their thigh - which is helpful when wearing a dress!

The best way to wear our headbands, is to pull down completely over your head. Take the edge of the band and then pull it up till it rests comfortably on the high forehead.  The pocket with the logo is generally worn in the back.  The band can be worn open and wide which is great for holding back hair, absorbing sweat, holding in earbuds and keeping ears warm in the cool weather.  Bands can also be folded and worn higher on the head.