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Plus Size Solutions


Keep your phone and small essentials close at hand with BANDI.

Are you a pocket shover? Have you ever had your phone clatter to the floor when you sat down - or even worse - had it splash into the toilet?  Has your phone crashed and shattered at the gym while running on the treadmill?  Have you missed that important call from a client or doctor because you couldn’t find your ringing-phone in the black hole that is your purse or briefcase?

What if you suffered a fall or accident while working in the yard and can’t access your phone because it is sitting on the counter inside your house?  And then there is the problem of the pocketless pants, shorts and skirts we all own…

BANDI provides a sleek stylish solution!


adjustable fit   ~  free of bulky zippers and Velcro   ~  low profile buckle for easy-on, easy-off   ~  fun prints and solids to match


comfort & convenience   ~  no-bounce   ~   wear it everywhere   ~   security   ~  freedom   ~  sleek & stylish   ~  hands free