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BANDI Pocketed Belts are a stylish hands-free waist pack for carrying small essentials.

Have you noticed that fanny packs have made a come-back? Do you love the idea of hands-free convenience but not sure you are comfortable with a bulky hip pack? We have a great solution for you!

Our sleek pocketed belts can hold your cash, cards, ID, phone and keys discretely under your clothes or stylishly on the outside. You can leave that outdated money belt at home!

BANDI belts come in 2 pocket sizes. Our Classic Pocket Belt is designed to hold iPhone 6 (or similar) and our Large Pocket Belt will hold larger tablet phones like iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note. The Large Pocket Belt is also big enough to hold a Passport, making it a great option for travel. BANDI belts are also an ideal way to keep small medical devices close at hand.

Both belts are adjustable to fit a range of sizes (see sizing info) and have a sleek low-profile buckle for easy-on, easy-off. They come in a variety of colorful prints and solids to match a variety of outfits. “Try that,” Fanny Pack!



"Perfect for hands free shopping! Many days you just need your phone, money and car keys but don't want the look of athletic wear belts. It combines the convenience of a fanny pack with a more streamlined, subtle appearance and does look like a fashion accessory and not a fanny pack."  -Lynn O

"It has a padded divider in the main pocket so it was easy to keep money separate from my phone and not worry about pulling one out with the other. Easy to adjust and light weight material makes it a great hands free option." -Shannan W

"This is a great waist pack/belt. It's definitely not your mother's waist pack. It fits close to the body and nice for hiking, etc. Doesn't move around or have a bulky buckle." - Patricia M