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Customer Photos & Testimonials

Whether walking with friends, running a race, spending a day at the park or vacationing, we would love to see your BANDI® smiles from across the country. 

Post a picture or leave a comment of you living the BANDI® lifestyle.


"Everyone on the Cooper River Bridge run was asking us where we got our running belts. We felt so cool!"     ~Jeanne A.

"Now I can listen to my music while I mow the lawn or do my shopping. Love it!"     ~Val C. 

"Thank you @BANDIwear I wore my #BANDIbelt out during an event today and it worked perfectly. Great product and extremely fast shipping! Folds up to fit in virtually any size purse."     ~Anonymous

"My daughter is obsessed with your headbands! She calls then her BANDIES and wants one in every pattern!"     ~Sarah B.

"I wore BANDI for an 8K in Chicago and it is fantastic! It holds everything I need and stays in place with absolutely no bounce. My BANDI is so comfortable...I don’t even feel it!"     ~Diane K.
"BANDI is the ideal “portable” pocket for cycling and dancing! BANDI lays flat without bulk and bulge and securely holds my money and phone inside. I love the adjustability of the waistband."     ~Tina A.

I wore my BANDI everyday of my 17 day trip and found it to be comfortable, fashionable and very functional. Thank you so much!
My daughter has Type 1 diabetes and her BANDI carries her insulin pump with ease. BANDI is sleek comfortable, low profile and more grown-up than any other pump belt. We have even bought them for another friend with Type II diabetes.
"I wore my BANDI while running in the Nike Womens Marathon. Loved it! It was so easy to pull out my phone and snap pictures along the route."     ~Jill R.
I went for a run with my iPod in my BANDI and had no problems; no bouncing, no slipping, no discomfort. I love it! Well done.
I bought a BANDI this weekend and LOVE IT! It does not move around or feel bulky at all when running around. Great idea!
What a great way to hold my insulin pump when I’m wearing slacks or a skirt with no pockets!
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I ran 6 miles this morning, my iPhone fit perfectly, no bounce or slide! In fact I didn’t have to re-adjust it once. I’m finally done fooling with my obnoxious oversized armband...and it’s super cute!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the headbands. great for running, gym training and everyday wear. Functional and feminine!

"I am a 66 year old Type 1 diabetic and saw your product on the TV morning show.  I have tried almost everything over the years to hold my pump, but have been SO dissatisfied and uncomfortable wearing them.  BANDI is my savior!  I don't even know I have it on!!   Thank you for coming up with something so comfortable and practical AND majorly stylish!!!"     ~Paige B.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my BANDI and I can't believe it came so quickly and it's beautiful!  Your customer service was awesome and I'll be recommending these to my friends - it's perfect for all the little things I need to carry when walking my dogs or even at the dog park!