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Everyday Solutions


Keep your phone and small essentials close at hand with BANDI.

Are you a pocket shover? Have you ever had your phone clatter to the floor when you sat down - or even worse - had it splash into the toilet?  Has your phone crashed and shattered at the gym while running on the treadmill?  Have you missed that important call from a client or doctor because you couldn’t find your ringing-phone in the black hole that is your purse or briefcase?

What if you suffered a fall or accident while working in the yard and can’t access your phone because it is sitting on the counter inside your house?  And then there is the problem of the pocketless pants, shorts and skirts we all own…

BANDI provides a sleek stylish solution!


  • adjustable fit
  • free of bulky zippers and velcro
  • low profile buckle for easy-on, easy-off
  • fun prints and solids to match



  • comfort & convenience
  • no-bounce
  • security
  • freedom
  • sleek & stylish
  • hands free


Fitness Solutions


Secure phone, keys, ID, money and other small essentials when you exercise with BANDI.

BANDI Pocketed Belts provide a hands-free way to carry the things you need when you go to the gym, out for a run, or out walking. Your workouts can be more focused when you don’t have to worry about managing your phone, your money and ID, your keys or small snacks.

When you run with BANDI, you no longer have to hold your phone. No more fussing with that chaffing armband, trying to change the song or start a new podcast. It's a cinch to pull your phone out of the pocket to snap a picture and easy to put it back in. The belts were deliberately designed to be zipper free. The patented pocket design is secure and very simple to use. The tapered design of the belt means it won't ride up or bounce. 

If you work out at the gym, you no longer have to worry about dropping and breaking your phone while on the treadmill. When you move, your BANDI belt moves with you. 

You can choose from dozens of fun prints and solids and enjoy adding a little flair to your workouts!



Travel Solutions


Whether you are globe-trotting, cruising or on a Disney dream vacation, you can rest assured that your important travel items are secure with BANDI Pocketed Belts.

You’ve looked forward to your trip for months. You want to enjoy your time and not feel burdened or stressed with managing important documents like passports or tickets. With BANDI, it's easy to reach for your ID, phone and passport to show to the TSA agent or whip out your Fast Pass at Disney and scoot to the front of the line. Our Large Pocket Belt was designed to hold a passport and even the larger tablet phones. The belts have a patented fold and zipper-free design that is secure, comfortable and looks great!

BANDI belts are a flattering alternative to a travel wallet, passport wallet or security wallet because they can be worn securely against the body instead of carried. You won't have to worry about pickpockets, purse snatchers or other unscrupulous people stealing your valuables while exploring the sites of Rome, sleeping on the plane or looping thru the air on a Disney coaster. 

If you are traveling for work, let BANDI belts help you manage business cards, your phone, hotel key card and more.

Make your trip more enjoyable with BANDI Pocketed Belts!



Medical Solutions


Ease the burden of carrying small medical essentials with BANDI Pocketed Belts.

Life is hard enough. But if you live with a 24/7 health challenge like diabetes, asthma or severe allergies, it can be harder. Finding a way to keep emergency essentials close at hand is always a priority. BANDI Pocketed Belts offer a discreet attractive way to carry supplies, devices and emergency items.

BANDI belts are designed to lay flat against your body without the bulge of the old fanny packs. The divided main pocket is perfect for things like insulin pump, CGM, EPI pen and phone. You can keep important devices on one side and identification, cash and cards on the other. The extra side pocket works well for asthma inhaler, glucose tabs, test strips and other medical necessities. 

Our belts come in two pocket sizes. The Classic Pocket Belt will hold the iPhone 6 while the Large Pocket Belt is sized for the larger tablet phones such as the iPhone 6 plus. While our adjustable size belts currently fit a 28” to 42” low waist, we offer an extender for larger size needs. 

Don’t let your medical needs keep you from enjoying life. Try BANDI!



Phone Solutions


BANDI belts will hold your phone - large or small, so you can enjoy your day hands free!

Do you need a way to manage your phone during your day? Maybe you are a health care worker with pocketless scrubs, a runner training for your first 10k, or someone who lives alone and wants the security of being able to call for help at a moment’s notice. You can have piece of mind when you have your phone always by your side.

Whether you carry a larger tablet phone like

  • Samsung Note
  • Samsung Mega
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Google Nexus 6
  • Nokia Lumia

Or a more standard size phone like

  • IPhone 8 or X 
  • Galaxy 6
  • Droid Turbo

...we have a BANDI belt to keep your phone secure, and out of your way so you can get on with your day. Our belts are designed to lay flat against your body and the tapered design keeps your phone from bouncing and flopping around if you are working out.  The main pocket is divided so your phone is separate from your money and other valuables.  Available in fun prints and solids and 2 pocket sizes so you can choose what works best for you! Never be without your phone, with BANDI!



Sleek Storage Solutions


BANDI Pocketed Belts are a stylish hands-free waist pack for carrying small essentials.

Have you noticed that fanny packs have made a come-back? Do you love the idea of hands-free convenience but not sure you are comfortable with a bulky hip pack? We have a great solution for you!

Our sleek pocketed belts can hold your cash, cards, ID, phone and keys discretely under your clothes or stylishly on the outside. You can leave that outdated money belt at home!

BANDI belts come in 2 pocket sizes. Our Classic Pocket Belt is designed to hold iPhone 8 (or similar) and our Large Pocket Belt will hold larger tablet phones like iPhone 8 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note. The Large Pocket Belt is also big enough to hold a Passport, making it a great option for travel. BANDI belts are also an ideal way to keep small medical devices close at hand.

Both belts are adjustable to fit a range of sizes (see sizing info) and have a sleek low-profile buckle for easy-on, easy-off. They come in a variety of colorful prints and solids to match a variety of outfits. “Try that,” Fanny Pack!