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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Go Run!

April 21, 2015

We’ve all been there – the running procrastination trap. “Just one scroll through Facebook, then I’ll go on a run. Just 10 more Morning Runsminutes of sleep, then I’ll go on a run. Just one more EXCUSE, THEN I’ll go on a run.” Sound familiar? Yep – us too! However, through the years we’ve picked some good habits to avoid this trap. Our top five ways to motivate yourself to go run will have that Woman_running“Just one more” excuse banished from your pre-exercise vocabulary (just don’t have too many margaritas the night before).

Sign Up Now:How do you eat an elephant? …One bite at a time – or in this case, how do your run a marathon or half marathon? Shut Up and RunOne progressive, daily run at a time, leading up to the race. People who not only have a goal, but write it down (or in this case, “sign up” for the goal) are 42 percent more likely to achieve it. So sign up for that seemingly tough race NOW! It will be that kick in the butt to get you back to running in no time.

Keep a Carrot on a Stick: Reward yourself after the run – strap on those running shoes with a “carrot on the stick” mentality. We’re not just talking about a big bowl of ice cream every time (even though we’ll sneak that in on occasion) we’re saying  have several different rewards: a healthy food item, a cool down or tub experience, muscle regeneration, and a delayed gratification special reward at the end of the week or month.  Many runners use running retreats or running schools as a reward. Pick out your carrot on a stick this week and go hit the trail so you can enjoy every bit of the post-gratification!

Buddy Up: Accountability – need we say more? Post a “need for running buddy” on your social media accounts, you’ll be surprised who will say “yes, I’m in!” Look for a local running group on meetup.com or call your local sports/running store so they can put you in touch with the right people.

Get New Goods: Sometimes we just need to look good so we can feel good about getting back on track. Maybe you simply need to add to your running wardrobe to show off that stride better! Some great additions we suggest is a colorful BANDI running belt, pulse shorts from Athleta or even this Wonder Woman inspired tank top (it’s pretty awesome). By simply changing it up on you will light a fire in youto get out there!

Have Fun: The power of positive thought. Don’t see running as an unwanted chore or make running another stress in your life. Instead of thinking “no pain, no gain”, think “no fun, no run”, and think of all the good it is doing you.

Of course, it always helps to keep the overall health benefits of running in mind too. From keeping your weight in check to reviving your psyche, you know you’ll feel so much better when it is done.

Now why are you still sticking around? Get out there and get that run on!

About BANDI wear: BANDI’s adjustable belts and headbands are a stylish way to secure life’s essentials while being active, allowing you the freedom to explore your next adventure.  Choose BANDI, the sleek alternative to the traditional purse, wallet or bulky fanny pack. Stash your stuff, not your style!

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