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You don’t HAVE to run, you GET to run.

April 27, 2015

Whether you get out of bed every morning to make your children breakfast, to go to work or to take a jog you’re doing one important thing: getting out of bed.

Every day you wake up is a new opportunity to enjoy life. When you start complaining about needing to go for a walk stop complaining and start enjoying.

You don’t have to run, you get to run. If you have enough time in your day to take a jog don’t spend those miles in misery. Slow your pace and look around. Enjoy the beauty that is life.

It’s hard to remember why you are actually running sometimes. You don’t run because you want to burn calories, to fit in that dress, or to run off your cocktails from last night. You run because it makes you feel great. After the first mile your entire body feels in sync and your mind is clear.

Don’t start off your workout with dread. The next time you are about to go for a run feel good about it. It’s not something you have to do during your day. It’s a choice you make to better yourself physically and emotionally. It’s a workout and a workin’. You don’t have to run.  You get to run.

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