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The Must Have Accessory for Theme Parks is the BANDI Travel Belt

April 19, 2015

It’s coming, you’ve been waiting all summer for it: your family’s trip to the local theme park!

It is the highlight of summer vacation for your kids, and to be honest, you.

So while you’re doing your research and picking show times, plan to bring your BANDI belt along with you. It’s no-slip, stretchy material makes it comfortable, it will help you stash your stuff and keep your hands free to have fun.

Check out 5 ways your BANDI is a must have accessory for the theme parks. 

Ditch the Purse – Who really wants to lug around a heavy purse through queue lines and while watching the parade? Leave the purse at the hotel and only bring your tickets, phone, cash, and keys.

Secure your Belongings -  Don’t become a victim of the Diamondback. Thousands of items are lost everyday on roller coasters, you know what we’re talking about, you’ve seen the loads of items scattered all over the ground. Your BANDI belts are perfect for storing your cell phone securely so you can continue to check in and snap pics all day.

Amp Up The Cuteness of Your Outfit – Not only are BANDI belts functional, they are fashionable. With tons of patterns to choose from, you can perfect your outfit and not worry about additional accessories.

No Hair Whipping Here – Secure your hair with one of our BANDI headbands and you won’t have to worry about your hair looking like a rat’s nest when you step off the roller coaster. 

Easy Access, Granted – You never know when you’re going to want to snap a photo of your favorite character or fun family shot, storing your camera in your BANDI belt helps keep it right where you need it, when you need it.

BANDI Wear is the perfect accessory to your day out, snap it in place and spend the day having fun, not worrying about losing your bags!


About BANDI wear: BANDI’s adjustable belts and headbands are a stylish way to secure life’s essentials while being active, allowing you the freedom to explore your next adventure.  Choose BANDI, the sleek alternative to the traditional purse, wallet or bulky fanny pack. Stash your stuff, not your style!

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