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What We're Listening To: Podcasts

December 15, 2014

Tired of your music playlist and want to change things up a bit?

Podcasts started to make a comeback in 2014 and here is the short list here of the podcasts we are listening to. 




From the creators of This American Life, Sarah Koenig hosts this new addictive podcast series. Hoping to captivate audiences in the same way recent TV dramas have done, Serial releases a new episode every week and leaves you hanging at the end of the hour (approximate). If it happens that you haven’t yet listened, be prepared for a Netflix like experience where you may want to plow thru the whole series in one great listening binge. 

The story traces the days and hours surrounding the disappearance and subsequent murder of Maryland teenager Hae Min Lee in 1999. Former boyfriend Adnan Syed was accused, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for her murder. Was he wrongfully convicted? Listen to the show and see what you think!  The series comes to its conclusion this Thursday December 18.  



Hosted by long time This American Life producer, Alex Blumberg.  The StartUp Podcast is about what really happens when you start a company. In his case he is starting a Podcasting Company which he ultimately ends up calling, Gimlet Media.

Whether you’ve started a business yourself or never had anything to do with starting a business, you will be captivated by his story and want to follow along on his journey. From the business of choosing a name for your company, to negotiating a partnership, raising money and dealing with near disasters, you will hear it all in Blumberg’s very personal, honest, and funny narrative.  



The Running Lifestyle Show.

Hosted by Kari Gormley. Kari begins every show by greeting us with “Hello intentional travelers!” Her podcast show is about balancing life, family, career and wellness.  With close to 50 downloadable episodes she hosts, entertains and informs us with a variety of talented professionals and other amazing runners with stories to tell.  The goal is to help us find balance so that we can “do it all.”   Another philosophy important to Kari and a theme throughout her show is that it’s not about where you’ve been, its about where you’re going and Its about the experiences we have.  So true!  Kari and show-regular Serena Marie, RD, discuss diet and nutrition and will have you rethinking a lot about what you eat. 


America’s Angriest Trainer.

Is… Vinnie Tortorich. Tortorich is a Hollywood personal trainer, author, former High School and College football star, model and podcast host. He has over 300 podcasts in this series he makes with co-host Anna Vocino of Comedy Central. Vinnie will set you straight on how to lose weight and get fit. He will cut through the crap we are fed by the government, special interest groups, health care system and pharmaceutical industry. You will learn “what you should be doing, and what they (the bad guys) are not telling you.”  What is NSNG? Listen and find out. His show is immensely entertaining. You won’t regret checking it out.   


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