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July 09, 2019

The Perfect Goat Yoga Addition

The BANDI Wear Team 

Arlington, VA- based Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider, Beth A Wolfe, teaches yoga classes with very special guests... goats! 

With few yoga pants offering the options of pockets, Beth was in search of a great way to hold her items during classes. The perfection solution, BANDIbelts! 

Not only can BANDI hold your keys, phone and wallet while you're practicing yoga, they're a great way to hold your goat treats! 

Thanks for the amazing #goattreat pouches, @bandiwear! Perfect for keeping our hands free to snuggle #goats! 

by Beth A Wolfe

It all started in 2016 with Lainey Morse, founder of Original Goat Yoga. Morse bought a copy of "Raising Goats for Dummies" and purchased two goats to add to her farm.

From there, Morse invited friends over to her farm in Oregon to enjoy her "Goat Happy Hour", a time where she would relax and enjoy time with her goats who seemed to help her with her depression. 

A friend recommended the idea of providing yoga classes and the idea launched into action. With her marketing and PR background, Morse knew how to get the business some publicity. With a little work, her business was booming. 

Fast forward 3 years and goat yoga can be found all over the US. Even in BANDI'sbackyard of Cincinnati, OH! Places like Rhinegeist BreweryFifty West Production Works, and Honey Sweetie Acres are offering yoga classes with goats, better known as "yogoat" along with various other farms and locations in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area. 

Goat yoga at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati on  May 18, 2019.

(photo:Joe Simon from the Enquirer)

Goat Yoga at Honey Sweetie Acres located 40 min. from downtown.

(photo: Desert Paddleboards) 

A must have Goat Yoga accessory! 

Great for holding your phone, keys, wallet, and NOW goat treats! 

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