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August 31, 2017

Times they are a changing… many retailers are now opening their doors to, yes, your dog!
If you are like us here at BANDI, we love our pups!  They come along with us whenever and wherever we can bring them.  Sometimes it is a little tricky knowing what establishments are dog friendly though, so we did the research and found 10 retailers that let you bring your buddy!

1. Lowe's
2. Marshalls / TJ Maxx / Home Goods
3. Pottery Barn
4. Macy's
5. Barnes and Noble
6. Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic
7. Bloomingdale's
8. Urban Outfitters
9. Anthropologie
10. Nordstrom

Since you will have your hands full managing your dog, you can make your shopping trip easier by ditching the purse and throwing your credit card, cash and keys in your BANDI pocketed belt. SHOP BANDIWEAR NOW!

** As a courtesy to other customers, only bring well-behaved dogs into these establishments. It is possible that individual store managers may have their own pet policies, but in general, the above mentioned stores are pet-friendly.

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